Paper Straws: Eco-Friendly & Customer-Approved Paper Straws

Paper straws? You want to boost your company’s reputation and your “green” image this spring as a business owner. Swapping your plastic straws for paper ones is a simple way to reduce your environmental impact.

One thing you might be wondering is if paper straws can handle water.

Yes, that is the short answer. Everything you need to know about straws is on this list. Not wanting to use paper straws. Generally, many customers and company owners have hesitated to use straws instead of plastic straws. That’s because they think straws will break after a few uses.

Plus, you might be afraid that the taste of the paper straw will get into your drink. Because of this, people may no longer enjoy the drinks you serve at your restaurant. People who use straws that aren’t waterproof might also find pieces of the straw in their drinks when they drink from cups or bottles.

Why should you pick waterproof? Straws made of paper

The good news is that not all straws are the same. Water-resistant ones are made to eliminate these issues, making the eating experience better for your customers. They are waterproof because they have a special bio-covering on them. These straws will last longer because of this protection. This means your guests won’t have to use as many of them to drink from your restaurant.

Also, paper straws made by a reputable business are safe for food. This is based on the rules the European Union and the Food and Drug Administration set. You don’t need to separate your straws from other trash to recycle them. Instead, you can be sure these straws will break down naturally in the ground in about a month.

Other Good Reasons to Use Paper Straws That Don’t Get Wet

Paper straws that don’t get wet or smell bad also make them stand out. So, it’s easy for your customers to enjoy cold drinks with them, like beers, milk, juices, boozy drinks, and water. You can even eat desserts with these straws, like cake pops. That means they are great for both everyday use and unique events. You can buy these items right now to start being better for the environment without hurting the customer experience.

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